Coordinator Tina Langmead


01797 252366

The news we are all reading about and seeing on our televisions can be a little scary and worrying.  There is a chance we will be required to stay in our homes in a nationwide effort to slow the spread of the virus. The elderly and most vulnerable are already being advised to do this if they haven’t already started.

Some of our neighbours live alone and some do not have access to the internet.  We don’t want anyone to feel like they are on their own.  We are getting in touch with you now to establish lines of communication between us, so we can support each other as required. Community support is going to be crucial in the coming weeks. We have a responsibility to everyone in our village community and to look out for everyone.

Tina Langmead is acting as coordinator for a team of people (volunteers from our village) who will be able to pop to the shops, pick up medication, take your dog for a walk etc. or just be a there for a friendly phone call. If you need anything, please contact Tina in the first instance on the contact details at the top of this letter.

This service is available now, so if you feel you might be at high risk and are worried about getting shopping in, etc, please contact Tina for support and do not feel embarrassed about doing so. Full name, address, telephone number(s) email address if you have one, tell us if you are unwell & self-isolating or staying indoors due to govt. advice. Tell us how many other people are in your household and their situation(s).Contact details for a close family member could also be helpful.

Please avoid direct contact between helpers & those receiving assistance, items should be left on doorsteps at pre-arranged times. Do not handover any money until you have had confirmation from the Council as to whom is helping you and they have identified themselves(s). You will each have a pre-arranged safe word. Never give anyone your bank details, bank card(s) chequebook or PIN number(s)

If you are already looking after the needs of someone self-isolating then please let us know as we may be advised of their needs by someone else, we can then update records accordingly.

Volunteers have already come forward and we are compiling a list of helpers but we need more neighbours to join the team of people to help with everyday things like dog walking, picking up prescriptions, collect shopping or just being on the end of the phone for a chat. The more of us there are, the easier it will be. If you are happy to do this, please ensure Tina has your email address and/or contact number.

Pet care  Many volunteers have offered to walk dogs so please contact Tina for help.

Badgers Oak vets are planning to stay open even if they have to do consultations over the phone and deliver pet medicine.

Channons Country Store have offered to help with local deliveries of pet food/goods 01797 224232

Local Businesses need our support at this time in order to survive.

The Rose and Crown are offering a take away service 01797 252161

Jempsons are offering to deliver to those who cannot get into store. 01797 230134

Wills Bakery are offering a delivery service for the elderly. 01797 253635

Charlie and Nick’s Real Foods will deliver their pork and lamb products to residents. 07841826915

Sophie and James Bull do lamb burgers etc

Milk and More do doorstep deliveries in this area you just need to set up an online account.

Thank you, stay safe.